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Archetypes of Personality:
Hidden Drivers of Choice

Saturday and Sunday
9:00am - 5:00pm

Why are you drawn to do the things you do, to accept this job over that one, to work hard to pursue a specific career, sometimes against the advice of others? Do you feel driven to learn some things more than others? And what draws you to certain people while you barely notice others? What emotions and needs are driving your life choices? And where do those emotions and needs come from? In short, are you really in control of your life or are hidden drivers that you have never examined calling the shots?

The answers to these and other questions of how and why we make our life choices lie in the concept of "archetypes," in the ancient, persistent, and evolving awareness of the energetic templates or universal patterns from which our individual personalities, and hence our choices, emerge. Beginning with the Greek philosopher Plato (4thc BC) to Carl Jung (20th c) to Caroline Myss (20th-21st c), the concept of the archetype has continued to evolve into an effective body of knowledge concerning the nature and origin of human personalities, of human choice, and hence the forces that govern the quality of human life.

This course allows you to learn and apply the central principles of archetypes to your own life so you can shine a light on the hidden drivers within that are controlling your choices. With this new knowledge you will be able to take control of your life at ever more conscious levels.

Saturday and Sunday
9:00am - 5:00pm

Suggested Reading/Listening:

Myss, Caroline. Energy Anatomy (6 cd set);
Advanced Energy Anatomy (6 cd set)

Myss, Caroline. Sacred Contracts
(book and 6 cd set)

Wauters, Ambika. Chakras and their Archetypes.
Crossing Press, 1997.