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Intro to Qigong; Prep for Sifu Anthony's below
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Nov. 5-6
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Integrative Health Resources

A Partial List of Hospitals
Offering Reiki, Meditation, Qigong, Tai Chi
and other CAM* modalities as Patient Services

Is what we teach at StoneWind Institute safe, effective, worth the time and trouble?

Below are links to a few of the hospitals that have made Reiki, Meditation, Qigong (Chi Kung), Tai Chi and other modalities we offer at StoneWind available as patient services for various medical problems. There are also links to resources for more information on research into CAM potentials within medicine. The list is by no means complete. We invite people to let us know as they discover more medical institutions or schools that have incorporated an "integrated" approach to healing and teaching.

("Complementary and Alternative Medicine")
at the
National Institutes of Health

Beebe Medical Center
Lewes, DE
Department of Integrated Health
Meditation/Reiki/Tai Chi

California Pacific Medical Center
San Francisco, CA

Columbia University Medical School
Pediatric Oncology
New York, New York
Integrative Therapies Program
for Children with Cancer
Clinical Services

Elliot Hospital
Manchester, NH
Pain Management Center
Reiki Treatment Option

George Washington University Medical Center
Center for Integrative Medicine
Washington, DC
Types of Treatment
Mind-Body Medicine

Hartford Hospital
Hartford, CN
Integrative Medicine
Tai Chi

M.D.Anderson Cancer Center
University of Texas
Houston, TX
Reiki Therapy Reiki Research

Memorial Sloan-Kettering
Cancer Center
New York, New York

Portsmouth Regional Hospital
Portsmouth, NH
Reiki Therapy

Yale/New Haven Hospital
New Haven, CT

In addition, other locations list
multiple CAM research and treatment centers:

Mesothelioma and Alternative Treatments
including Reiki


Centers with Information on Research on CAM Modalities

Consortium of
Academic Health Centers for Integrative Medicine

CAM in Canadian Undergraduate Medical Education