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First Degree Reiki
Feb. 20-21, March 12-13, more to come
Sinew Metamorphosis Qigong
Sifu Anthony Korahais, April 2-3, 2016
Second Degree Reiki
Feb. 27-28
Second Degree Practicum
One Day Meditation
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~Energy in Synergy~
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One Day Intro to Meditation 3-HR Intro to Meditation
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3-Hour Introduction to Qigong One Day Introduction to Qigong
~BioConsciousness Studies~ Archetypes
Archetypes 101: Drivers of Choice (TBA) Archetypes 201: Surviving the Survival Archetypes />
Pre-req: Archetypes 101(TBA)
Archetypes 301: The Shadow Archetypes
Pre-req: Archetypes 101-102 (TBA)
Cordology Series
About Cordology Cords 101: Managing The Cords
that Bind & Gag
The Empaths' Survival Course
Pre-Req: Cords 101
Cords 201:
Energetic Protections. Pre-reqs apply.
~Self-Development Series~ Introduction to
Holistic Healing
Map Maker's Journey
Synergy Healing
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The silence of nature, the silence of self.
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Services, Fees, & Accommodations

Services: Classes are offered on a regular basis in the East Room teaching facilities. In addition to the facilities on campus, students are free to commute or stay in nearby accommodations. Those Everyone enjoys sitting on the decks to eat, read, or just gaze off into the distance. Three-toed slothism 101 who are simply looking for a healing rest can enjoy the comforts of StoneWind's yurt cabins through StoneWind Retreat, which is open to Guests year round. For availability and rates, please check StoneWind's Availability Calendar. The East Room is open evenings and between classes as a quiet place to meditate, while each of the Yurt Cabins is designed for optimum peace and quiet for meditation and study. There are lending libraries in the Office with books, magazines, DVD's and CD's on a range of topics related to holistic healing, methaphysical topics, and entertainment.

All classes are held in the 1600sf East Room located in StoneWind's "Red Barn" office building. The Three-Hour Meditation class can also be offered in one of the Yurts if students have rented a cabin for a Retreat stay.

Context Synergy System of Healing: Many students and non-students ask for consultation and help on a wide range of health and life issues, all of which fall under the broad definition of mind-body medicine. The problems presented vary considerably in type, urgency, complexity, and the amount of time required to respond, but most, if not all, can be be addressed using the integrated methods of the Context Synergy System of Healing™.

Fees: Class Fees are listed both in the descriptions of the classes and on the Institute Calendar, while fees for accommodations are availabe online at the Retreat or by phone.

For Individual Assistance: The fee schedule below outlines our charges for individual sessions on any of the wide range of personal questions or on-going health issues for which people request help. A wide range of formats are available within which personal sessions can be conducted, with the format chosen that is most suited to the client's needs and situation. The Hourly Consultation/Session Fees are broken down as follows:

(On-site, Phone, Email, Texting, Teleconference):

$90/hr or $1.50/minute

Individual Reiki Session (On Site or Distance):
$90.00 for one hour; $45 for half hour sessions
with pre-arranged times of delivery

DreamWeaver Session-On Site:
$200 + Prep Time
($90/hour or $1.50/minute)

DreamWeaver Session-Distance Technique:
$150 + Prep Time
($90/hour or $1.50/minute)

Please Note: A deposit is required to schedule a session, with the deposit serving two purposes. The first is the usual payment for time and expertise, but the second purpose is to anchor your commitment to your own process, a fundamental premise of mind-body medicine. If you are making a deposit for someone else's session, please call to discuss the situation prior to making the deposit.

An invoice will be issued upon completion of each session with partial hours billed on a per minute basis. The deposit for sessions may be pre-paid by calling 888-369-4959. Accommodations through StoneWind Retreat must be booked and paid for separately through the StoneWind Retreat website or by phone at 888-369-0049 (see below). On-site consultations must also be booked in advance by phone at 888-369-4959 or at the time of a reservation.

Accommodations: StoneWind Institute, situated on StoneWind Retreat's 160 acre mountain top campus in Arkansas' beautiful Boston Mountains, is located midway between Fayetteville and Ft. Smith, Arkansas off I-49 in the northwest corner of the state. If you are looking for other accommodations close by, please see Alternate Places to Stay.

There are important lessons to be learned at StoneWind about ourselves, each other, healing, Nature, and the world, but those lessons can only be learned in the silence of the individual heart that leads us to the questions we must ask and to the people who can help us find our answers. Next to potable Water, Silence is the most precious and the most scarce commodity in our world. It is the Gold Standard at StoneWind. Our mountain shares its beauty, its energies, its stones, its messages with us, but we must be able to listen with the quiet attention lost everywhere else beneath the unceasing din of our technological world.

At StoneWind, we listen.

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