Energetic cords extending from every aspect of our energy body

Cords 201
The Fine Art of Energetic Self Defense
The second course in the
Cordology Series.

Pre-requisite: Cordology 101;
Second Degree Reiki in the lineage

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The Fine Art of Energetic Self Defense

In Cords 101, we focused on building the intellectual framework within which to understand the underlying forces that control the quality of our daily relationships and therefore of our life. You now understand how and why energetic cords are formed and how they can be controlled on a day to day basis. Some of the issues you face, however, go beyond the nature of ordinary relationships with others, as tangled as those can be.

We actually exist in multi-layered, concentric circles of connectivity beginning with those closest to us (family), moving outwards in definable levels of closeness to friends, associates, acquaintances, recognized �strangers,� and unrecognized �strangers,� then to the unknown, with all categories having the power to affect us for better or ill just as our primary relationships can. If you work in one of the helping professions that require you to interact physically or emotionally with clients or patients, you need to understand how to protect yourself from negativity accidentally--or deliberately--directed at you, but no matter your profession, you are vulnerable to the effects of other people's emotions and intentions when their attention is turned on you with an agenda.

To undersand how to protect yourself from the random and the deliberate, you must go deeper into energetic ethics, i.e., the role of "intention," and the power of the mind to harm or to help yourself and others. If you always seem to pick up other people's emotions and "stuff," you need to understand the nature of empathic information, and then how to strengthen your boundaries, as well as how to clear your energy field when you have been overwhelmed.

Cords 201 builds on everything learned in Cords 101 but goes deeper with (1) an introduction to the principles of energy ethics, (2) the nature and power of the "intent" underlying everything we (and others) think and say, (3) information on the nature of our auric boundaries (or lack thereof), (4) how to find and repair the chinks in those boundaries, (5) what methods are available for active protection--and (6) how to know when such methods are needed.

Participants are introduced to a deeper understanding of the potential elements within our energy fields that can block energetic balance, create potential physical, mental, emotional problems, cause illness and prevent healing, and make spiritual growth more difficult. We will delve into the role of free will and intent in the creation of harmful cords between people, the dangers as well as the benefits inherent in the practice of energy modalities, and into the mechanisms of "not-so-good energies," energetic attack, energetic parasitism, and the possible physical and emotional symptoms of such events. We will present detailed information on the "Rules of the Road" for protecting yourself and your environment, how to recognize when you are under energetic attack, and steps you can take to protect yourself. Format is informational and experiential.

Two Day Class
9:00am - 6:00pm
at 888-369-0049
Pre-requisites: Cordology 101
Second Degree Reiki in the lineage
Among the Topics Covered
Concentrics of Connectivity
~~Defining Levels of Influence
~~Defining/Refining your Relationships

Auric Boundaries: ~~Chinks, Holes ~~Strengths/Weakneses

Principles of Energetic Ethics
~~The Free Will Universe
~~Thoughts, Words, & Actions as Energies
~~Ethical Choices/Real Consequences

Modes and Sources of Attack

What Makes Us Vulnerable
~~Archetypes of Personality
~~ Fear, Naivete
~~ Disempowering Beliefs
~~ Permeable Auras
~~Cults of Control

Signs to Watch For
~~ Recognizing Something has Happened
~~Diagnosing the Problem
~~ Doing Something About It

The Ounce of Prevention:
~~ Protection
~~ Techniques
~~ Technologies

Suggested Reading/Listening

*Judith, Anodea. Eastern Body, Western Mind: Psychology and The Chakra System.
*Dossey, Larry. Be Careful What You Pray For

McTaggert, Lynne. The Field: The Quest of the Secret Force of the Universe.

. . . . The Intention Experiment:Using Your Thoughts to Change Your Life and World.

Ruiz, Jose Miguel. The Four Agreements.

Myss, Carolyn. Advanced Energy Anatomy (audio)
*Highly recommended before class.