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Context Synergy Healing™: 
Self-empowerment for Healing
Suzanne E. Parnell, PhD, RM

The Healing Journey: It Takes Courage

The Healing Journey: It takes courageWhen you have a life threatening illness that can move quickly or a painful chronic condition that keeps you feeling bad and on potentially harmful drugs, you may feel like you are confronting a huge fire breathing dragon without effective armor or weapons. You may find yourself feeling alone, frightened, helpless, even hopeless. But in fact you are not alone and the situation is not hopeless—but it does require you to begin acting in new ways and in your own behalf. And it takes courage.

If you have never heard of holistic healing, Mind Body Medicine, or healing synergy, or have sorta maybe heard of the concepts but have had no opportunity to learn more so don't know if it can help you, then you will be pleasantly surprised by how many additional tools for creating your health are waiting in a new tool box here on StoneWind's mountain. And there are a lot of them! But before you can use these amazing tools for healing, you have to explore this other "tool box," what tools are in it, which ones will work for you, and how to use them--all of this while you are not feeling well. Yes, it's a challenge--but you will not be alone. There are people willing to walk the journey with you.

Finding out what you need to know, much less learning how to use the tools you find, can feel like yet another dragon looming. It takes strength, determination, and courage to move forward, yet as others will tell you, the results are worth the struggle. But before you can start the shift, you have to understand the contents and limitations of your present thinking before you can shift into a new and more powerful way of living. We call this learning and discovery process a "paradigm shift," or to put it another way, learning to think out of the old box into a new and bigger box. Out of the Box into the new...

That "bigger box" is the paradigm of Mind Body Medicine that introduces you to the powerful differences between western medicine, i.e., evidentiary medicine based on scientific materialism centered on the physical body alone, and holistic medicine, i.e. treatment options grounded in the understanding that physical health can only be restored or maintained when all aspects of a person’s life, including the mental, emotional, spiritual, as well as the physical, are included in the diagnostic and healing process. So where does this paradigm shift begin?

It begins with some simple observations that lead to profound insights. First it is important to realize that the scientific materialism of western medicine does not require or include the active participation of your mind or your emotions in your healing process. Just as we drive our cars to the mechanic to have them repaired, in a similar way we take our broken bodies to the doctor and expect the doctor/mechanic to fix them and hand them back. Our personal histories, our beliefs, our emotions, our desires, are barely part of the process, one of the reasons western medicine has limited success with major illnesses.

Mind Body Medicine on the other hand is rooted in the understanding that the whole person, composed of body, mind, emotions, behaviors, and personal history interacts in moment to moment The song of our lives--and our health. unison, in synergy** to create and affect health or illness to whatever degree such is manifesting. In the holistic paradigm the whole person is made up of interdependent, interactive aspects of Self and if one aspect is not healthy, all other parts will be affected. The body is like a musical instrument that sounds the song of our total life. Whether that song is one of health or illness, the body is reflecting the overall level of balance and harmony emerging from all that has happened - and is happening - at every level of our lives, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and finally physically.

From this synergistic perspective, when people have imbalances in their personal lives it clearly affects overall health in a negative manner, but to make it even more challenging, we are all part of a larger cultural context with others making and acting out choices that also affect our individual lives and our individual health. These diverse elements, the "context" of our lives, interact with invisible, unrecognized, but powerful synergy on our bodies to manifest health or illness on a moment to moment, day to day basis. Maintaining or restoring health requires that we address all these interacting, synergistic elements that have created whatever medical issues have emerged.

At StoneWind Institute, we have combined awareness of the forces at work in our lives with knowledge and skills developed from a variety of healing philosophies, modalities, and technologies from across the world to create a new system of holistic healing that we call the Context Synergy Healing System™ (CSHS™). Context Synergy Healing™ (CSH™) is designed to help us identify the negative and positive elements in our lives that have brought us to whatever state of health, good or bad, that we currently have, then to design a personalized program of healing using the synergistic healing techniques we have developed to create a healthier context and a new healthier person. Compatible with western medical treatment, Context Synergy Healing™ gives you additional ways to participate more fully in your healing process, thus allowing you the widest range of healing potential. CSH™ brings together the best of the best from Mind Body Medicine and combines those modalities with unique energetic skills and new healing technologies into a new synergistic approach to self-healing and health maintenance that is available to anyone willing to learn and do, to say, "I can, I will."

**synergy: two or more things acting together are more powerful than any one is separately.

Who Benefits

Context Synergy Healing is appropriate for the needs and goals of four distinct but related groups:

1. Those with chronic but not immediately life threatening conditions;

2. Those with immediately life threatening illnesses;

3. Those who are healthy and want to stay that way;

4. Those who have concerns for the health of others instead of or in addition to their personal situation.

People in all four categories begin with essentially the same steps that involve the same requirements for learning and shifting. The differences in the four categories are the levels of need, and therefore the relative "need for speed." Obviously if you or someone you love has a life threatening condition, you have no time to waste in moving on with the learning and healing process. And you need people willing and able to step up the processes by which you access and use the new healing techniques. Context Synergy Practitioners are trained to provide advanced energetic support in that speeded up process.

How It Works

In CSH™ the central theme is empowerment of the individual to enable each of us to learn and use as wide a range of healing techniques as needed to restore and maintain health or to be able to assist others in their healing. Western Medicine is one of the tools on the table, but by far not the only one. Everything taught and used in the CSHS™ is compatible with medical treatment, but such treatment is seen as only one of the tools on the healing table. The other tools, the modalities that address the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical aspects of us as complete human beings, work in synergy with western medicine and with each other to create the most complete and effective pathway possible to health and quality of life. That pathway (the Healing Protocol) must be individually designed by each person with the guidance of a CSH™ Practitioner who is trained to analyze the energetic origins of illness and to know which of the CSH™ assets will yield the results desired most efficiently.

Our focus at StoneWind Institute is on helping you determine which of the modalities and technologies available will be most useful, then assisting you in learning how to take responsibility for your overall healing in new and empowered ways. If you are interested in facilitating the healing of another or of many others as a practitioner, we offer training in not only the self-empowering modalities, but in how to work with others to assist them in their healing.

Whether you are ill and looking for a way to help yourself or are interested in helping others to heal, there are three levels of activity in the CSH™ process:

1. Paradigm Shift: Study of the concepts of Mind Body Medicine through one or more of our BioConsciousness courses to develop a clear understanding of how the mind and emotions affect health for better or worse;

2. Skills Training: the acquisition of actual energetic, emotional, and physical skills that will be a daily part of your healing process and any work you do with others; and

3. Protocol Design: learning how to merge your new information and skills into a healing protocol that fits your situation or that of those with whom you hope to work. The Healing Protocol is a map for the individual healing journey that brings together in a personalized format what each person needs to do to acheive maximum results from all that CSH has to offer.

In addition to acquiring knowledge and widening your paradigms, we also suggest you begin to acquire actual skills. At the very minimum we recommend learning Reiki, Meditation, and Qigong (Chi Kung), as well as personally relevant aspects of what we call BioConsciousness Studies, i.e., the active exploration of the many ways in which our thoughts and emotions interact with our bodies. We can and do explain how the three energy disciplines work in synergy with one another as training progresses, but know that each modality adds something important to your tool kit. The answer is simple: Focused will power.

Again, the key to your success is self-empowerment. Our function in this process is to empower you with the knowledge of how to fix yourself rather than upholding the old pattern in which you expect to “be fixed” by someone else. The goal is to teach you how to harness the power of your mind and emotions to work with your body in a positive manner in harmony with all of the modalities useful in your individual situation, including western medicine. Our role is to know which methods produce which results, provide opportunity for instruction in their use, and provide healing support along the way. Your role is to say, "I can, I will"-- and really mean it.

Where Do You Start?

Depending on your health challenges, your interests, and your goals, there are several places you can begin. StoneWind Institute provides three distinct approaches from which to choose:

(1) Elective training in various modalities and Bioconsciousness studies according to your level of interest and needs;

Our entry level classes are open to the public. Most of our advanced classes are available to those who have taken the entry levels through the Institute.

(2) Formal work with a CSH™ Practitioner to create a CSH™ protocol based on your present medical condition and healing goals;

For those with medical issues who are interested in the Context Synergy Healing™ approach, we invite you to email us to arrange a free 30 minute phone consultation to see if our approach to healing and empowerment fits your needs, and to see CSHS fees click here.

(3) Structured training in CSH™ with the goal of becoming a CSHS™ practitioner.

Training in the Context Synergy Healing System™ is a structured curriculum that includes training in the synergy healing paradigm, specific modalities and areas of application, plus hands-on practice in applying CSH™ skills and techniques to qualify as a CSH™ practitioner.

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