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[ Earth ]


Terms For The Times,
Way Of The Future —

If We Are To Survive As A Species

"We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors,
we borrow it from our children." 
~~ Native American Proverb

New words are born into a language to give form, content, and voice to changing realities. The phrases Earth Healing and Earth Healer, new on our tongues in the last thirty years, embody the urgent call to action of a planet in crisis. Those hearing the words for the first time may not be certain how to heal the Earth, but they know immediately and surely it must be done. But what exactly is Earth Healing? And how do we do it?

At the everday personal level, Earth Healing is recycling our garbage; supporting organic farmers; keeping backyard bird feeders; turning the thermostat down two degrees in winter, up two degrees insummer; using earth friendly cleansers in our homes; buying themost fuel efficient cars we can afford, and when possible transforming our homes to solar power. And it means putting forth daily effort to be informed on what is happening to the planet and adding our voices—and resources—in appropriate ways to alter the future for the better.

And what of those who call themselves, Earth Healers. What manner of people are they? The new Earth Healers are men and women of all races, all nationalities, all walks of life, all educational and religious backgrounds who share one central belief: the absolute certainty that Earth is not just a planet, She is Mother. Humans are not "Masters" of the Earth but Children of their Mother Planet, suckling children dependent on their Mother for food, clothing, and shelter, for the air, food, and water needed to live moment to moment, for the mantels of atmospheric and energetic protection that shield us from the elements above and the microbes beyond our sight and beneath our feet.

Earth Healers move in the ways of all "tribes," walk any and all roads
in search of useful answers. They know that now is truly the time of the gathering when the answer to our complex global crisis must be found in the collective wisdom of all ages and all ways, in the power and hope of synthesis and synergy. The new breed of Earth Healer seeks to meld the highest levels of Earth wisdom and skill, past and present, into an eclectic but harmonious synthesis of cutting-edge science, ancient earth wisdom, new and old mysticism, and common sense, then apply the emerging knowledge and techniques in ways never before tried by anyone to a planet damaged in ways never before seen. Such is "Earth Healing in the Eclectic Mode," an exciting, creative, dynamic endeavor to which Earth Healers dedicate their time, knowledge, imagination, and money in the belief such effort will prove to be Mother Earth's—and human kind'shighest best hope for the future.

We at StoneWind Institute are deeply committed to Earth Healing in this new multiform mode. We invite you to touch the interconnected web of information, events, causes, reactions, and dynamic possibilities inherent in the present Earth crisis as they are understood by millions across the world. And we invite you to become an "Earth Healer" in whatever way, to whatever extent feels appropriate to you.

This is the only planet we have.
If we are to continue to live here, we must love and care for her.

Earth Healing Classes

StoneWind presents a series of classes designed for those who are drawn to working specifically and directly with the present-day challenges facing our planet and our species, beginning with Introduction to Earth Healing in the Eclectic Mode, a course designed for anyone of any age or background who is concerned for our planet and interested in discovering what can be done.

Earth Healing classes at StoneWind provide opportunities for all, no matter their level of knowledge or commitment, to find their niche--from those willing to do research and send us information, to those willing to help with Facebook and Twitter, to those willing and able to make the personal commitment to devote time, energy, and money to learn new applications of energy, then to work creatively in a group to apply their old and new skills in innovative ways to help reverse present levels of earth damage, to support people and ecosystems under stress, and to support world wide efforts to help the planet and her creatures meet the challenges humans have created.

There is a place and a task for everyone.

For those who have not taken courses at StoneWind Institute
but are interested in participating in our Earth Healing Initiative,
please see the course description,
Introduction to Earth Healing in the Eclectic Mode
and /or contact:
Rachel Oradd

For those who have not studied at StoneWind but are interested
in practical applications of ancient and modern methods of Earth Healing,
a range of advance courses are available, all of which have a foundation in Reiki
as taught in the Gray-Parnell lineage of Usui Shiki Ryoho.
For those wanting more information
or call Suzanne Parnell at 888-369-4959.

Note: Second Degree in the lineage is the pre-requisite for all
advanced Earth Healing classes at StoneWind Institute.
If you have completed Second Degree in the lineage
and are interested in learning more about Earth Healing classes, contact:
Suzanne Parnell