Notes on Reiki as Energy Science

The idea of Reiki as an energy science is not new. Of all the points of disagreement in those who worry over the history of Reiki, nearly all agree it was Dr. Hayashi who approached Reiki from a medical and scientific perspective. Indeed, Dr. Hayashi's clinic in Tokyo was called, Hayashi Reiki Ryouhou Kenkyu-kai, which is translated as "Hayashi Reiki Research Society".

It seems logical to assume that his awareness of the subtle science behind Reiki was very much a part of the training he gave his students. Takata recorded as much in her own hand in a manual referenced in several places on the web, the original of which is in the possession of my Master, John Gray, and which I have been privileged to see. On May 1, 1938 Takata wrote, "Mr. Hayashi has granted to bestow on me the secret of Shinje Den - Kokiyu Ho x Leiji-Ho - the utmost secret in the Energy Science [italics added]."

In the intervening years we have not understood the implications of these words, and few if any in the West have had the necessary training in the general laws of subtle energy to allow them to explore Reiki within the context of subtle energy science. With the advances in subtle energy technology in the last few years and with the rise in interest in scientific research into healing energies, we may begin at last to build a body of knowlege for Reiki that validates what Dr. Hayashi and Mrs. Takata knew to be true.

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