A panorama of the cabins on different fingers of the mountain.

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The silence of nature, the silence of self.
StoneWind Facilities
15840 Wilson Branch Dr.
Chester, AR 72934

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Learning, Living, Healing "Unplugged" on StoneWind's mountain.

StoneWind Institute, situated on StoneWind Retreat's 160 acre mountaintop campus in Arkansas' beautiful Boston Mountains, is located midway between Fayetteville and Ft. Smith, Arkansas in the northwest corner of the state. Beginning in the Spring of 2016, Institute attendees will be able to stay in the Institute's economical Bunkhouse or in any of StoneWind Retreat's eight fully furnished, elegant Yurt Cabins.

Classes are offered on a regular basis in the East Room teaching facilities. In addition to the facilities on campus, students are free to commute or stay in nearby accommodations. Those who are simply looking for a healing rest or extended healing intensive can enjoy the comforts of StoneWind's yurt cabins through StoneWind Retreat, which is open to Guests year round. For availability and rates, see StoneWind Retreat, Rates and Availability. For rates on extended stays for Institute guests wishing to work on their healing issues, please call 888-369-4959.

The East Room is open evenings and between classes as a quiet place to meditate, while the Bunkhouse and each of the Yurt Cabins is designed for optimum peace and quiet for meditation and study. There are lending libraries in the Office with books, magazines, DVD's and CD's on a range of topics related to holistic healing, methaphysical topics, and entertainment.

Reiki and Qigong classes are held in the 1600sf East Room located in StoneWind's Red Barn office building; Meditation classes are frequently held in the Bunkhouse away from the busier office area.

Each Yurt is specifically designed to support the teaching and healing mission of StoneWind Institute, which means the usual noisy, disruptive and interruptive devices are simply not here or no longer allowed to be noisy and disruptive. For instance, there are no phones in the cabins, although all major cell The Sanctuary Suite, with its private pond and gardens.phones work well on the mountain. For maximum relaxation, we encourage you to turn your cell phone off and put it in a drawer while you are here. You will find radios, CD players, and new televisions with DVDs and local reception in the Bunkhouse and in each Yurt, and a rich lending library of audio/visual materials related to Institute programs and to general entertainment (or as we say it, Soul Food, Mind Food, and Junk Food), but there are no connections to cable or network TV. For confirmed news addicts who find cold turkey too painful, NPR comes in loud and clear with great indepth reporting on all the day's event.

"Unplugged," Yes. Unconnected, "No." The Bunkhouse and each yurt has wireless internet, which means you can surf the Net anytime.

Bottom line: there are important lessons to be learned about ourselves, each other, healing, Nature, the world, but those lessons can only be learned in the silence of the individual heart. Next to potable Water, Silence is the most precious and the most scarce commodity in our world. It is the Gold Standard at StoneWind. Our mountain shares its beauty, its energies, its stones, its messges with us, but we must be able to listen with the quiet attention lost everywhere else beneath the unceasing din of our technological world.

At StoneWind, we listen.

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