Notes on Alterations to the Energies

We find the first published discussion of altered Reiki energies in a new book, Iyashina Gendai Reiki-ho or Modern Reiki Method For Healing, by Hiroshi Doi, a Japanese Reiki Master trained in a combination of Western and Japanese Reiki. Although the English translation of Doi's Japanese work contains syntactic errors and retains a strong Japanese cadence, Doi makes it very clear he is aware of the wide range of energies being called "reiki" and of the possibility of not being attuned to what he calls "the truly clear Reiki energy." (Doi, 95).

Directly on point he says:

After seeing many cases I have found there are definite differences of energy level and quality by different masters. Not only the differences of energy level, there are also masters who give totally differnt kind of energy. There are phenomena that 'people can't tell the effect of Reiki treatment' and 'people receive bad energy easily'. Because there are many different types of masters. (Doi, 109)

Doi's words are a warning to all. We are at a critical time in the history of Western Reiki. Mrs. Takata has been dead a mere twenty-fivc plus years. In that short time the Reiki Method of Natural Healing, fanning outward from the twenty-two western Masters entrusted with its care at her death, has spread rapidly and far, but at a price. The system Mrs. Takata learned from Dr. Hayashi, the system she preserved and passed forward for over forty years, has in the last twenty years lost continuity, coherence of transmission, and, in some cases, purity of energy. As of this writing, the world-wide community of Reiki practitioners is divided over correct methods of attunement, the nature of the energy that is and is not Reiki, the proper form of teaching, the structure of teaching Mrs. Takata designed to protect the fledgling system in the West, the nature and importance of Reiki history, and the role of lineage in the future of Reiki.

In short, Reiki as a coherent system of healing has fared no better in the hands of its western guardians than it has in the hands of its Traditional Japanese masters who to this day make Reiki available to only a small number of select Japanese people and a few westerners whom they choose. As we move into the new century and the new millennium our ignorance of the subtle energy science behind Reiki places westerners in danger of losing forever the complete band of spiritual healing energy that Dr. Usui brought to the world.

Traditional Reiki Masters in the West (and I suspect those in Japanese Reiki if they were willing to discuss it with those of us in the West) have known for many years that all those "reikis" called "traditional" but passed in broken lineages through a hodge-podge of attunement methods are not the same energies Dr. Usui gave to his students, which they then passed downward through integrity of lineage, intent, and methodology. If for no other reason than to understand Reiki as subtle energy science, we need to find answers to the many questions concerning the relative efficacy, usefulness, and long range effect on practitioner and recipient of differing frequencies of reiki. Until quite recently, however, a large percentage of non-traditional Reiki masters did not even admit there were differences, even when the originator of a system chose to give it a different name. That is beginning to change slowly as many become aware of what has happened.

Those of us in traditional lineages, including Doi if I read him correctly, believe the "truly clear Reiki energy," the energy Dr. Usui received and passed forward, contains all the frequencies, all the healing capabilities found in the myriad variations and systems so many think are "new." And we know Reiki energy is not simply about healing the body, nor is the ultimate measure of its efficacy taken by tabulating instances of physical healing. The Reiki of which Doi speaks, the one traditional masters know, is a spiritual energy that addresses the ailments of the body as well as the underlying spiritual and emotional causes that permeate the entire being. It is this complete spectrum of healing energy those in traditional lineages understand, experience, and use.

The complete range of mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical healing energy that is "clear Reiki energy" creates no the hunger in the blood for "newer, stronger, hotter, better" energies. It raises no urgent sense of something missing, of "something more somewhere" that seems to taunt those with truncated frequencies of Reiki. No one can know the truth of this until he or she experiences the differences from one lineage to another. Many who have done so, including myself, now know the difference.

In this new century, the job before all of us who love Reiki is to map the rules of subtle energy science, to understand the impact of our own egos, intentions, and choices on the energies we carry and the energies we pass to others. For those of us in strict traditional lineages of Western Reiki, our task is to be certain the frequencies of Reiki passed from Usui to Hayashi to Takata to her twenty-one masters are preserved as complete and unchanged as possible for all those in the future who will be called to walk in unbroken lineage. Should we fail, we will discover too late that Reiki as we had it was a treasure beyond price that we squandered in the foolish excesses of our cultural arrogance and energetic naivete.

-from Reiki as Energy Science
Copyright © 2001 Suzanne E. Parnell, Ph.D., RM

Doi, Hiroshi. Iyashino Gendai Reiki-ho: Modern Reiki for Healing.
Fraser Journal Publishing, 2000.