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First Degree Reiki
Feb. 20-21, March 12-13, more to come
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Sifu Anthony Korahais, April 2-3, 2016
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Feb. 27-28
Second Degree Practicum
One Day Meditation
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Introduction to
Earth Healing
in the
Eclectic Mode
("Eclectic:" selecting what appears to be
the best from various doctrines, methods, or styles.)

Two Day Class
Saturday, Sunday
9:00am - 5:00pm
"There are no passengers on Spaceship Earth.
We are all crew."
~~Marshall McLuhan

The problems that threaten our survival as a species are planet-wide, cross all disciplines of study, involve all aspects of sentient life and non-sentient creation. To solve the problems, we must first define them, which takes time, expertise, and money. We know our planet is in trouble. Everyone but those in deepest denial and avoidance admit that truth, but there is little agreement on the nature of the problems, or the scope, or which problems need attention first, or what it will cost to effect change. Lacking definitions on which all agree, there is no one simple set of solutions at hand, nor is there political agreement or will to take the necessary, painful--and expensive--steps to reverse the ongoing damage in even one area in the time frame needed. And The Doomsday Clock is ticking.

So what can you do? How many ways to help are there, how can your skills and knowlege be put in the service of "Earth Healing?" What are the most direct and efficient actions that you personally can take to help solve the problem of Earth damage? And how do you join your individual efforts with those of others to have a more powerful effect on the future? These are valid questions. We think you will be surprised at the answers, at how many simple ways you can contribute to the global effort, at how you can set and change your level of involvement as time and resources permit, as commitment and needs grow--or as things improve. And you will probably be surprised at the range of activities possible and at the techniques available to be learned that emerge from a range of healing modalities and cultural perspectives.

Introduction to Earth Healing
Two Day Class
9:00am - 5:00pm
(no pre-requisites)

Also See Our
Earth Healing Initiative


I. Earth Healing:
What it is. What it is not.

I. Scientific and Philosophical Basis
for "Earth Healing."

III. Categories of Earth Damage.

IV. Caveatts and Ethics:
The Intent of the Many v. the Intent of the Few.

V. What is Needed?

VI. What is Possible?

VII. Finding Your Focus; Assessing your Role.

VIII. Action Planning for the Long Haul.

VIX. Question & Answer.


Ecopsychology: Restoring the Earth, Healing the Mind by Theodore Roszak, Mary E. Gomes, Allen D. Kanner and Lester R. Brown (Jan 1, 1995)

The Earth Has a Soul: C.G. Jung on Nature, Technology & Modern Life.
C. G. Jung , Joseph Henderson M.D.
Time to clean up our messes....

I. Categories of Activity:
Research, Communication, Education,
Restoration, Transformation.

II. Personal Action: Choosing Your Category.

III. Global Action: Methods of
Outreach and Transformation.

IV. Political Action: Communication,
Education, Action for Change.

V. Transformation:
Walking In the Eclectic Mode...

~Ancient & Modern Shamanism;

~Energy Healing for the Planet;

~Technologies of Transformation;

~Vibrational Shifting:
Altering the Playing Field;

~Consciousness Shifting:
Helping the Players;

The Heavy Lifting.