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First Degree Reiki
Feb. 20-21, March 12-13, more to come
Sinew Metamorphosis Qigong
Sifu Anthony Korahais, April 2-3, 2016
Second Degree Reiki
Feb. 27-28
Second Degree Practicum
One Day Meditation
Pre-Requisites May Apply
~Energy in Synergy~
Reiki Training
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Pre-Req: Second Degree
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One Day Intro to Meditation 3-HR Intro to Meditation
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3-Hour Introduction to Qigong One Day Introduction to Qigong
~BioConsciousness Studies~ Archetypes
Archetypes 101: Drivers of Choice (TBA) Archetypes 201: Surviving the Survival Archetypes />
Pre-req: Archetypes 101(TBA)
Archetypes 301: The Shadow Archetypes
Pre-req: Archetypes 101-102 (TBA)
Cordology Series
About Cordology Cords 101: Managing The Cords
that Bind & Gag
The Empaths' Survival Course
Pre-Req: Cords 101
Cords 201:
Energetic Protections. Pre-reqs apply.
~Self-Development Series~ Introduction to
Holistic Healing
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Introduction to Holistic Healing
What it Is, What It is Not,
How to Use It, When to Use It,
When Not to Use It,
How to Find a Practitioner

Available as a
One Day Class
or a
Three Hour Lecture

For those who have heard the term "holistic healing," but aren’t sure what it actually means, who does it, what it is and is not, what is included, or where to find “it,” this class will answer your questions. The presentation covers such topics as our present understanding of the origins of health and wellness, the paradigms underlying western medicine v. those of holistic healing, the categories and subcategories of holistic healing, the major holistic modalities and the illnesses or conditions for which they are used, the relationship of the major holistic modalities to allopathic (Western) medicine, when to use a holistic modality, when not to, and how to locate an appropriate practitioner in your area.

One Day Class
9:00am - 5:00pm

Three Hour Lecture
by arrangement
Both Formats Available for Presentation Elsewhere