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Three Hour

with Suzanne E. Parnell, Ph.D., RM
(minimum 2 in the class)
Scheduled on request

Meditation in some form is found in all ancient cultures and has always been associated with the human drive to be "better." The ancient methods emerged from a variety of cultural traditions across the world and were part of the seeker's path to physical health, emotional peace, and ultimately spiritual growth. In the past, meditators learned the form of meditation practiced in his/her cultural tradition and had neither the scientific background nor the desire to understand the underlying reasons for the effects their meditative practices had over time. It was enough to know the effects of meditation would come as surely as the sunrise.

In our Age of Information, however, the "how" of meditation can now be taught as "technique," divorced from the root cultural or spiritual traditions from which the techniques arise. This course is designed to allow those interested in meditation but not looking for a "spiritual" practice to learn several techniques for stilling the mind into a deep and deepening state of relaxation.

In the new eclectic learning environment, generations of practitioners have discovered not only that meditation has beneficial effects outside of any spiritual context, but why certain ancient techniques work to produce the results on the body and mind. With our abilities to study the meditator's physiology during meditation we have been able to unlock many of the scientific secrets for success underlying these ancient practices. In this new climate of investigation and use, the many forms of meditation have become valuable tools for achieving the quality of life we have learned is possible and have come to expect.  

Not all forms of meditation are appropriate for everyone, but everyone can find a meditative form that is healing, beneficial, and enjoyable if allowed to experience the different techniques. The goal at StoneWind is to find the meditative method most compatible with each individual's needs and preferences.

Why Do It?
  • Stress Relief
  • Physical Healing
  • Emotional Healing
  • Releasing damaging traumas
  • Manifesting change
  • Developing intuition
  • Unlocking creativity
  • Finding inner guidance
  • Emotional cleansing and balancing
  • Deepening concentration & insight
  • Enhancing performance of any skill

Learning to Meditate

Types of meditation are classified according to the technique employed to take charge and direct the mind's attention, whether through breathing, mantra repetition, movements, or visualizations, but in general Meditators can achieve a state of healing stasis using any of a number of different techniques, all of which have been proven, when used properly, to produce marked beneficial physical and psychological effects. Not all forms of meditation are appropriate or even beneficial for everyone, but everyone can find a meditative form that is healing, beneficial, and enjoyable if allowed to experience the different techniques. The goal at StoneWind Institute is to help practitioners find the meditative method most compatible with their individual needs and preferences.