Reiki in the Gray-Parnell lineage

"Reiki" as written in the kanji alphabet of Japan.Reiki (ray-key) is an easy to learn, simple to use technique for reducing stress, enducing relaxation, and promoting healing, health, and well being in both practitioners and recipients that is now used and/or recommended in as many as 800 hospitals in the US plus many more world wide. Reiki emerges from the ancient Oriental understanding of the Universal Energy or Life Force (chi/ki) that flows through and around each of us, giving us life, nourishing and repairing our cells, restoring balance, and maintaining our health. To have and use Reiki, a person needs to do nothing more than be attuned by a properly trained Master and have the intent for Reiki to flow whenever they put their hands on themselves, someone else, or their pets. It is that simple—and everyone can do it.

Reiki is not a religion. It has no arcane dogma, no religious tenets. It requires no rigorous ascetic practices or rituals. Anyone, everyone can enjoy the benefits of Reiki in their life.

Reiki is taught in three "degrees" or levels of training: First Degree, Second Degree, and Mastership (sometimes called Third Degree.) In traditional western lineages, i.e., in those lineages whose energetic methods descend in unchanged format from Hawayo Takata, the woman who brought Reiki from Japan to the West, First and Second Degree are taught in separate weekends of training separated by a period of time, usually one to six months. Students with serious medical conditions or those who feel energetically ready for Second Degree may request to take the class sooner rather than later.

First and Second Degree are never taught in the same weekend. In the Parnell lineage, where advanced techniques and extended applications in the advanced energies come down from two Masters trained by Takata (Beth and John Gray), Second Degree training involves an additional weekend or "Practicum" to assure students are fully trained in the advanced energies opened in Second Degree; however, if a student is confronting serious medical issues with teacher permission, he/she will be allowed to take Second Degree and Practicum with no waiting period.

Mastership has stringent requirements, including a lengthy period between Second Degree and acceptance into Mastership training, then an extended period of instruction from the teaching Master. Completion of Second Degree is considered a professional level of training for the purposes of being a Practitioner. For more information on each class, select from below.

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