StoneWind Institute Presents

April 2nd - 3rd, 2016!

Sifu Anthony Korahais
Sifu Anthony Korahais
will present a
Weekend class in

Sinew Metamorphosis Qigong

April 2nd - 3rd, 2016 Sifu  Anthony will present a course in the ancient and powerful Qigong set called "Sinew Metamorphosis," an aspect of Qigong he has never taught at StoneWind in its entirety.  If you have not yet begun a Qigong practice, this weekend course  will be an ideal place to start. If you have already learned other forms of Qigong from Sifu Anthony, this course will provide new and powerful exercises to add to your daily practice.

Some of you may remember that I flew to Las Vegas in 2009 to learn Sinew Metamorphosis from Grandmaster Wong. The 12 forms I learned then have been  very powerful additions to my Qigong skills. I am thrilled you will have the opportunity to learn all of them at one time just as I did.

If you have learned Reiki and/or Meditation but have not yet considered learning Qigong, you will find a discussion here on the benefits of Qigong and its value as one of the synergistic tools in Mind Body Medicine's healing tool kit. 

Sinew Metamorphosis Qigong
Sifu Anthony Korahais

Saturday and Sunday


April 2-3, 2016
9:30am to 5:30pm

You may register for the class through



Sifu Anthony’s web site

or by calling us at

What Sifu Anthony's students say:

You don’t realize how powerful Flowing Zen can be until you wake up one morning and the health problem that has been plaguing you for nearly 10 years has permanently disappeared. – Shawn Chiusano

I recommend Flowing Zen to my friends and patients as one of the single most effective practices they can choose to improve and safeguard their health. The cost? Less than you would pay for a month’s worth of medicine at the pharmacy. – Dr. Craig Brown, MD

Iíve lost 20 pounds, my knees no longer hurt, my acid reflux is gone, and my bone density has maintained and in one area increased. – Mary Bast, Ph.D.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Sifu Anthony? Anthony Korahais is the director of the Flowing Zen Studio in Gainesville, Florida where he lives with his wife, Dr. Akemi Borjas Korahais. Sifu Anthony has been practicing Qigong, Tai Chi, and Kung Fu for over 17 years, and now teaches Qigong, Tai Chi, and Meditation all over the United States and in Latin America. To contact Sifu Anthony directly, click here.

What should I wear? Wear something comfortable. Flat-soled shoes or sneakers are recommended.
East Room's Kitchen is available for student use during
What about eating?
We will take a long lunch break (about 2 hours). Since the closest restaurant is about 11 miles, the best option is to bring your own lunch. There is a complete kitchen in StoneWind's East Room that you can use to store and heat (or cook) your lunch, plus tables and chairs on the patios overlooking the mountains to sit and eat. However, if you really want to go to eat, there will be time.

Do I need to register? Yes. Spaces are limited. Sifu Anthony gives personal attention to each student, learns every studentís name, and treats each student with care. That canít happen in a large class.

How do I register?
Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. Once we are full, weíre full! So Don't wait and be disappointed. Registration details are available above..

Where can I stay if I am from out of town?
StoneWind Retreat has eight elegant yurt cabins available to the public and to students. The cabins are designed for a maximum of three people, although it is possible to have up to four in the open architecture design. In addition, there are a number of other housing options within a 15 min. drive. See our recommendations here.