But, You Say...

  • This is too far out and weird.

    If you have been trained as a warrior, you already have skills others wouldn't believe, know things others don't want to know or accept, maybe wouldn't approve of, things you don't talk about. This is just one more, and you don't have to talk about this one either.

  • I don't trust that "New Age" woo woo.

    Reiki actually comes from the ancient healing practices of the East, some of which are preserved in Acupuncture, Qiqong, Shaolin Kung Fu and in kimoodo (healing arts form within the martial arts). Reiki exists outside of martial arts in the West, but in Japan was and is often within those disciplines, where an understanding of chi and the power of the body's energy is primary. Many of the first Masters trained by Dr. Usui were in the military, including Dr. Chujiro Hayashi, sensei of my lineage, who was a Captain in the Japanese Navy. We can't help how we are labeled or by whom, anymore than you can.

  • This is nonsense. People can't do this.

    Millions can and do, maybe even some you know who don't talk about it. If you want to read more about other people doing it, see the "Reiki" section of the Suggested Reading.

    In the end, the only way you will really know the truth is to try it and see for yourself, even if just a treatment. If it turns out to be a waste of time, it surely isn't the only time you've ever wasted. If it works for you, it could turn out to be the best time you ever spent.

  • I don't like some of the crazy things I've seen on Reiki web sites.

    There are a lot of things on the web called "reiki" that I wouldn't want anything to do with either. Unfortunately the first Western Masters did not trademark the word "reiki" in the early years of Western Reiki. Now it is too late. Anybody can use the word "reiki" to refer to anything they want, and those of us in traditional lineages are often deeply offended by what winds up being called "reiki."

    To receive training in a form of Reiki that is closest to the energies originally taught in Japan, and therefore unchanged and undiluted by New Age trappings, you have to go to Masters trained in the unbroken lineages of Traditional Reiki. There are fewer of us than of those in "non-traditional" Reiki, and we don't have a large presence on the web.

So you can know them when you see them, the hallmarks of Reiki Masters in unbroken lineages are:
  1. They can tell you the names of all the masters in their lineage, i.e., from themselves back to Dr. Usui, the Japanese man who rediscovered Reiki. See SW Lineage for an example.

  2. They always give four (4) attunements at First Degree.

  3. They will never teach First and Second Degree in the same weekend, much less mastership.

  4. They require some waiting period after First Degree before Second Degree, sometimes six months or longer.

  5. Traditional Masters do not train someone else's students in Second Degree or mastership; all training is done by the same Master.

  6. Mastership is by invitation after two to five years as a practitioner.

  7. There is a $10,000 fee for Mastership training, which takes a year or longer.

Suzanne Parnell Ph.d., R.M.
Reiki Master in the Hayashi lineage
Founder of Warrior's Way Foundation