Straight Talk About Reiki
The Good News
The Bad News

Reiki is an empowerment that gives you new skills, new control over your life and health. It works dramatically--and you can use it to help others.

Self-healing isn't easy or quick. Everything depends on your willingness to use it on yourself by yourself. It is easy to begin to doubt--then quit before you have gone the distance.

You learn Reiki in a weekend. You can use it immediately, and you can begin to see results quickly.

Even with early results, the road can be long depending on the scope of work and the goals you set. Prepare for a long campaign if the problems are large.

The more you do it, the more positive results you will see.

It won't work if you don't use it. You have to be alert to the ways--and the reasons--you sabotage your efforts to heal.

You have to take charge of your own healing destiny, but there are lots of buddies and coaches to walk beside you.

Nobody can do your healing for you. Sometimes it is a long, difficult road with detours, switchbacks, and pot holes, which is why healing is not for sissies or quitters.

Even really serious conditions can be healed or significantly improved.

To heal the Big Ones, you have to work with issues you would rather avoid. It is those times you need friends and coaches capable of radical honesty.

There is a growing body of documentation on the effectiveness of Reiki as well as an increasing acceptance of it in hospitals (see CAM in Hospitals).

Your family and friends may think you are nuts. You may too from time to time. You don't have to talk about it until and unless you're ready.

Reiki is a "complementary" and "integrative" healing modality, i.e., it can be used with any and all conventional medical treatments.

Doctors may try to discourage you from using it for fear you won't seek medical treatment. Reiki is not intended to replace medical treatment. Don't go there. Let your Dr. know you won't go there.

As your results become more and more obvious, your confidence and trust in Reiki will grow. If you use it regularly, in a year, maybe two, you will look back at the road you traveled with disbelief then knee-bending gratitude.

You will never stop using Reiki once you see where it is taking you, where you are taking yourself with it. Those of us who have "been there, done that" know how blessed we have been.

In the end, there is only Good News.