You should learn Reiki if--

  1. You are ill, have been wounded, or are living with chronic pain.

  2. Someone you love is ill, wounded, or living with chronic pain.

  3. You have TBI with or without other wounds.

  4. You are in relatively good physical health but are living with depression, sadness, exhaustion, and a reduced quality of life as a result of your experiences or your profession.

  5. You cannot sleep, have nightmares, or sleep very poorly and awaken exhausted.

  6. You or a loved one has been severely traumatized in violent or emotionally charged circumstances and need access to 24/7 on-demand help.

  7. You live with high stress levels and need to be able to nurture yourself anytime, anywhere.

  8. You go in harm's way as part of your profession and need to be able to help yourself and others powerfully anytime, anywhere, quietly, on the fly.

  9. You or a loved one suffers from symptoms of PTSD, anxiety attacks, or other stress related conditions.

  10. You have thoughts of suicide.

  11. You have bouts of rage.

  12. You come from a family with a history of genetic ailments and are looking for that "ounce of prevention."

  13. You are a parent looking for more ways to help and protect your children.

  14. You are a medical professional able to think out of the box who is in search of additional ways to help your patients.

  15. You are looking for effective ways to experience daily inner peace and harmony without having to wait years to see results.

  16. A loved one is dying and you want to offer palliative help with the process.

  17. You simply "know" it is right for you.

  18. You have a painful or debilitating medical problem, have tried everything else without much success, and now you're thinking about taking a chance on something totally foreign to you because others have found it effective. Go for it.

First Degree Reiki, intended primarily for hands-on treatment of yourself and others gives you a tool to use every day to ease pain, stress, exhaustion, and depression in yourself, and a way to offer comfort to others in pain. The Reiki in your hands is always "on," always available, and easy to use anywhere, anytime. And it gives you a powerful tool for helping your children and spouse stay healthy or heal from illnesses.

Second Degree Reiki gives you access to additional levels of energy and advanced techniques for mental/emotional and distance healing. If you or loved ones live in stress or danger, Second Degree Reiki is your weapon against fear and helplessness. The ancient techniques of distance healing allow you to offer help, support, healing to those you love whenever they need it, whenever you need to be able to send it. And the energy really does work at a distance.