So Why Should You Learn Reiki?

If you are a Warrior--
You have uncommon problems, uncommon strengths.
You need Uncommon Answers.
  1. You know what hurts, you know where it hurts, you know why it hurts. What you need is a way to fix it without a lot of fuss.

    Reiki puts the power in your hands, literally in your hands, to fix yourself--anywhere, anytime. Even the really old wounds can be helped--and it's not just about physical healing.

  2. The mental/emotional techniques in advanced Reiki give you new and powerful ways to deal with the images, memories, and feelings from the events you don't talk about.

  3. Reiki gives you a powerful way to help your spouse, your children, your loved ones, including your K-9 partner, with gentleness.

  4. It puts a weapon against pain in your hands that is always there when you need it, always invisible, and always up to specs.

  5. It is completely compatible with all conventional medical treatments.

  6. There are scientific explanations if you are willing to go there. See the Reading Lists under "Resources" or vist my Paradigm Shift 101 Wish List on
If you love a warrior--
You have your own pain to carry. It comes with the territory.
You need an effective way to cope with it.
  1. Fear for their safety;

  2. Physical loneliness when they are gone;

  3. Emotional loneliness when they are coping with their stress;

  4. The long-term effects of occupational stress on everyone you love;

  5. Exhaustion from too much responsibility carried alone.

  6. ~~And then there's the normal pain of life.
Reiki can help with all of it.

First Degree Reiki gives you a tool to use everyday to ease your loneliness, stress, and exhaustion. It lets you heal in yourself not only the small problems that arise, but you have an effective tool for controlling the larger ones like anxiety, hypertension, and auto immune illnesses. And it opens in you a powerful skill for helping your children as well as your spouse.

Second Degree Reiki is your weapon against the silent fear and helplessness. Whether you are the one in harm's way or your loved one is, the ancient techniques of distance healing allow you to offer help, support, healing to yourself or to your warrior wherever s/he is, whenever s/he needs it, whenever you need to be able to send it. And distance healing really does work.