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For when you just have to do SOMETHING


When you feel overwhelmed by the pain in the world, this page will help you to help others quickly by providing:

(1) Images and information that give quick, visual coordinates for Situations, People, and Creatures in desperate need so you can use whatever methods you have–Reiki, Johrei, Chi Healing, prayer, other personal methods–quickly, easily, on the fly, whenever you have time, wherever you are;

(2) Images and  quick, clear coordinates to reach The Good Guys–i.e. people and organizations–who are doing wonderful work to help others and the planet so you can offer them support quickly and easily with Reiki, Johrei, prayer, chi healing,  other personal methods, and/or donations.

School Shooting in Parkland, Florida

On Wednesday, February 14, 2018, Nikolas Cruz opened fire inside of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, killing 17 and injuring 15 others.  Cruz is now in custody and has confessed. The Parkland shooting is the eighth school shooting so far in 2018.

Plastic Pollution a threat to Ocean Giants

Scientists say there needs to be more research into the impact of plastic pollution on sharks, whales and rays. A study, in the journal Trends in Ecology and Evolution, says the creatures may be swallowing hundreds of tiny bits of plastic a day. Microplastic pollution has the potential to further reduce the population sizes of the large filter feeders, they say as these large filter feeders swallow hundreds of cubic feet of water each day, straining the water for plankton which is approximately the same size as much of the microplastic pollution found in our oceans today.

Full article from BBC here


Evidence of Rohingya mass graves uncovered in Myanmar

Scores of Rohingya villagers in Myanmar have been massacred and buried in 5 mass graves, according to an exclusive investigation by the Associated Press news agency. The report by the news agency on Thursday includes witness testimony from two dozen survivors and relatives of victims, as well as time-stamped mobile phone footage of the aftermath of the attack. UN special envoy on human rights in Myanmar,Yanghee Lee told reporters on Thursday the killing and disposal of the bodies bear “the hallmarks of a genocide”. When asked about violence against the Rohingya minority at the hands of the Burmese military, Lee responded that “you can see it’s a pattern”

Full story here.

Plane Crash in Iran

All 65 people aboard an Aseman Airlines plane are feared dead after it slammed into Mount Dena in central Iran Sunday, February 18, 2018 during a bout of bad weather.  Officials state that due to the amount of rain and fog, rescue teams have been unable to reach the crash site as of yet.

People and Animals

Noel the Bobcat

Noel bobcat, hit by a car at Christmas and salvaged by intense surgery for broken bones by Big Cat Rescue in Tampa) is recovering nicely/hair growing back over surgical sites. She gets up and down without difficulty.


She’s still confined to hospital recovery cages until her bones heal and are strong enough to withstand more space. Then she will be moved to the bobcat rehab enclosures (outside) to strengthen her muscles until she can hunt. There is not yet a date for that move, but so far so good! You can see how she is doing for yourselves, and track her amazing recovery process (thank you Reiki list!) – this link is the live nest cam that shows her activity in real time.





The Good Guys

Yes, there are crises everywhere we look such that it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the suffering. But at the same time there are many, many people and organizations stepping up to provide help in specific crisis situations  as well as to the ecological crises across the planet. You won’t  hear much about these Good Guys on the news, but they also need our energetic support since they are working in the name of all of us who hold Compassion.  When we offer Reiki and Johrei to the Good Guys we leverage our abilities and we help move the planet closer to a point of positive critical mass.

We will regularly highlight some of the Good Guys here so we can quickly and easily offer them energetic backup.

The Ocean Cleanup announces Pacific Gyre cleanup to begin May 2018

The Ocean Cleanup is preparing to begin deploying it’s full scale model of Boyan Slat’s ocean cleanup system beginning in May of 2018 with full deployment expected to be complete by 2020.  If you have not had a chance to check out Boyan’s work, it is definitely worth looking at.   www.theoceancleaup.com


Boyan Slat, inventor, founder and CEO of The Ocean Cleanup

Testing prototype in the North Sea

Tea Farmer in India leads the charge for organics

In the biggest tea-growing region in India, the hazards alone range from red spider mites to herds of wild elephants. Grower Tenzing Bodosa, a native of Assam, fights the former and unusually invites the latter. Tenzing’s small 13-hectare (about 32 acres) tea estate sits in the folds of the Himalayas, and borders the mountain kingdom of Bhutan to the north. Tenzing transitioned to organic farming after an incident with pesticides on his own farm convinced him he needed to change. In addition to the transition to all organic farming, Tenzing dedicated 74 acres of  his estate as a wildlife preserve and spends much of his time teaching and encouraging other tea farmers how to switch to organic farming.

Tenzing talks with tea farmers from his large farming district on how to successfully run organic tea farms. He also discusses how best to survive in the market, where big tea growers with much cheaper rates can be more competitive.

Tenzig Bodosa on his tea plantation