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2nd Degree & Practicum


Currently, the dates for Second Degree Reiki and Practicum are set for:

Second Degree:
November 20-21, 2021
**  For the in-person Second Degree class, proof of covid vaccination is required at time of registration. **
Please email proof to

December  11 – 12, 2021

*The price of $500 covers the cost of both classes, which are required to complete the training and be eligible for other advanced courses.
If you would like to make special payment arrangements please call the office at


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About Second Degree Reiki and Practicum:

Second Degree training in the advanced energies of Reiki provides First Degree Practitioners with a quantum leap in both the quality and quantity of Reiki energy. With two weekends of training, Second Degree and Practicum open a wide range of powerful applications for healing across a vast spectrum of situations, including the ability to offer Reiki powerfully from a distance.

Second Degree at StoneWind is offered at the traditional fee of $500 (the same amount Takata charged in the 1970’s),  but we divide the training  into two separate weekends (“Second Degree” and “Practicum”) separated by days or weeks, sometimes months at the student and teacher’s discretion.  Second Degree followed by  Practicum in  “combo weekends,” i.e. two weekends in a period of weeks, is effective pacing for many, particularly those with medical conditions needing attention sooner rather than later. Second Degree and Practicum combined provide students with powerful techniques to use on themselves and others, particularly when there is a medical need.