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Archetypes 201: The Shadow Archetypes
December 12, 2017
Cordology 201: Managing Harmful Cords
December 12, 2017
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Cordology 101: Cords that Bind & Gag or Link & Nourish


Do some people seem to drain your energy, leave you exhausted, unhappy, in need of a recharge? Are there problem relationships in your life–an impossible boss, a difficult partner, parent, child, friend, relative, or neighbor? Are there relationships from the past you have not been able to let go of? Do you feel people abuse your good nature by asking, asking, asking but never giving? If you feel you are mired in a cycle of action/reaction that can spiral out of control at any moment without warning–or worse, simply drags on day-to-day endlessly, then you need to master the art of managing the invisible energetic connections that underlie all relationships and determine the quality of life.

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