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December 12, 2017
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December 12, 2017
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1st Degree Reiki


Your Reiki training begins with First Degree, a two-day class usually held over a weekend. Participants will learn to give and receive Reiki treatments, to understand some of the science underlying energy healing and Reiki in particular, and how to use Reiki in medical settings or with themselves and others. The format is lecture, discussion, and a lot of hands-on practice. Wear comfortable clothes; we are on and off the tables each day.

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Terms and Conditions: There must be a minimum of six registered for a class to make, although exceptions are made for advanced classes and in special circumstances. To be sure the class you want to take “makes,”  confirm your interest by paying (through PayPal or by phone) either the full fee or 50% of the total as a deposit as soon as you know you will be taking the course, but at least 8 days before the scheduled date.

If the class is canceled for under-enrollment, we will either refund your deposit if the class will not be rescheduled soon, or leave it on file for the rescheduled date. We do not refund fees or deposits if you cancel within eight days prior to the class date; however, the deposit/class fee will be put on file for a future class. Class fees are listed above and with the descriptions of the classes. If you know the class you wish to take and the date, you can make your deposit here  or you can call us at 479-369-0049.

If a class is canceled for severe weather, a new date will be arranged quickly
and fees will be transferred to the new date