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December 15, 2017
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December 21, 2017
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Hospice Reiki & Death Walking


Death Walking the Reiki Way allows Reiki Practitioners to perform the ancient shamanic role of Death Walker ethically, safely, and gently while protected by the advanced energies of Reiki. This course revisits everything learned in Hospice Reiki about the nature of death and dying, but goes deeper into the nature of life after death, the range of cultural beliefs concerning life after death, additional information on the condition and potential locations of departed souls, the way the dead can and do interact with the living, and the long-term consequences for a Soul of not moving on properly. For those who have paradigm questions, you can email us prior to signing up, but be aware that for most if not all this will be a paradigm shift moment.

Hospice is a prerequisite for Death Walking. Both courses are offered in the same weekend, although it is not necessary to take both in the same weekend–or at all. Death Walking may be taken at a later date if desired.

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