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December 15, 2017
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December 15, 2017
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II. Reiki Session


On-Site Reiki Session

Hands-On Reiki treatments are available at StoneWind Institute with an appointment scheduled before hand by phone.  For a hands-on treatment, you will recline fully clothed (except for shoes) on a Reiki table in our East Room conference center.
The sessions last from 1 hour to 1hr 15 min.
In special situations involving serious illness or injuries,
two or more practitioners working simultaneously to deliver maximum Reiki can be arranged at an additional charge.Reiki Session |

On-site appointment times must be arranged by phone at least two days in advance. Please call to schedule.

** See Description below for details about Distance Reiki**

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Distance Reiki Session

Out of the Box into a much  larger box: One  the most amazing skills within Traditional Reiki is the ability to offer Reiki powerfully to people at a distance.  Over the years we have found Distance Reiki to be extremely effective in allowing us to offer healing without the constraints of local time and space.  Recipients report significant improvement in their conditions with a few treatments.

Distance Reiki Sessions must be pre-arranged with a specific time set for the energy to be received. The Recipient should be in a place of rest, preferably lying down, ready to receive.  A short set of instructions is sent when the first session is booked.  Distance Reiki sessions usually have a 30 min duration, although hour long sessions are possible if needed or desired.

Fees: 30 minutes     $45
           60 minutes    $90