The most direct route to StoneWind from Texas, Tennessee, Louisiana, Eastern Arkansas and Oklahoma, is to connect with I-40 (old Route 66) which runs east and west through the middle of the country passing through Oklahoma City to the West and Little Rock to the East.

From I-40 exit onto I-49 just west of Alma, AR.

From Fayetteville, NWA Arkansas, and Missouri

Take I-49 South (from the AR/Missouri line past Winslow) through the Bobby Hopper Tunnel.

Once on  I-49 follow the directions below.

* EXIT from I-49 at the CHESTER EXIT–No. 34 (30 miles south of Fayetteville; 6 miles south of the Bobby Hopper Tunnel; and 14 miles north of I-40).
* RIGHT on Hwy 282 West at the exit ramp stop sign.
* Straight through the town of Chester to Brown St.
* Cross the railroad tracks & river; continue straight up BROWN ST about 5 miles (note Brown St. changes names to No. 12 Crossroad but is the same road).

*Stay on Brown/No. 12 Crossroad until you see the Wilson Branch County Road sign to the left.

* LEFT on WILSON BRANCH DR. The StoneWind Retreat/Institute sign is on the corner of Wilson Branch and Brown St/No. 12.

Once on Wilson Branch:
Do not use your GPS unless you are using Google Nav or you want to meet our neighbor’s cows. Stay to the RIGHT on the gravel road straight up the mountain; Do NOT turn LEFT anywhere.

o Cross low-water bridge, then
o Go RIGHT up the steep road, staying to the right;
o Road will angle to the right across a cattle guard and through a stone gate.
* Go straight up the mountain past the stone house ahead of you on right.
* Continue slowly up the mountain. Caution, one lane road.
* Standing Stones on either side of the gate mark the entrance to StoneWind Retreat. Our company sign is also there.
* Continue to top of mountain.
* At crossroads of StoneWind Dr. and Warrior’s Way turn RIGHT through the stone pillars to the Office in the Red Barn.

We look forward to seeing you. If you get lost or have questions, don’t hesitate to call. 479-369-0049