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Whether you  are looking for training  in holistic modalities or have health issues and are looking for more answers, StoneWind Institute offers a variety of  learning and healing options designed to help you individualize the form, direction, and speed  of your journey based on your goals and your needs.   In everything we do  we invite you to  think systematically and synergistically with training in skills and mental and emotional approaches designed to help you link  your mind, your emotions, and your behavior more powerfully to the healing process.

If you are more concerned about the larger issue of human survival and planetary health than personal health, we can teach you powerful methods to Take Action and Make a Difference by applying the same synergistic and systematic thinking  but learning and using old-new ways to address the planetary crises we are all facing. It is a much broader but equally important healing journey.

I. Training in Holistic Modalities

 The path of learning and healing at StoneWind is designed to help you develop healing and life-quality skills that you can use immediately for yourself  or  others, depending on your goals.  To this end, we offer a range of beginning courses with admission to advanced courses based on completion of prerequisites that prepare you for the next step. But where to begin depends on your health issues and your goals. We suggest approaches based on 3 criteria:


If you are healthy and want to stay that way, then any of the introductory level courses in either our Energy in Synergy™ program or our BioConsciousness™ Studies are good places to start.  We suggest you read the descriptions and use your intuition.


If you have a painful or otherwise difficult chronic condition, then we recommend beginning with a synergistic combination of First Degree Reiki, Introductory Qigong, and Healing Meditation. It is most effective to begin with First Degree Reiki with a plan to take Introductory Qigong and Healing Meditation as soon as possible. An ideal alternate approach is to do the five-day Energy-Synergy Retreat in which you learn First Degree Reiki plus enjoy introductory instruction and practice with Qigong and Healing Meditation as well as gain more understanding of how using the modalities in a synergistic way increases their power and your healing.


If you have a very serious or potentially fatal condition, then time is of the essence. At your  request, we will help create an individualized “Healing Protocol” through phone or onsite consultations that brings together suggestions from across a wide range of approaches and technologies. Your personalized protocol will help you begin a successful journey more quickly by teaching you to addresses your individual needs in powerful and effective ways. 

Our Advice to Everyone:
The combination of Reiki, Qigong, and Meditation  brings out the best in Modern Medicine, avoiding the worst.
The four together, acting in synergy, are more effective than any one or two alone,
so we do not at all discount or discourage using modern medicine.
We suggest letting modern medicine do what it does well while adding  energies of healing
that complement and increase its effectiveness while decreasing its negative side effects.
The Ultimate Goal:
Health and Quality of Life for All

Trade Reiki

Traditional Reiki (ray-key),  one of the three main therapeutic modalities used and taught at StoneWind, is an easy to learn, simple to use healing method that anyone can learn with a weekend of training, then use  as both practitioner on others and recipient on oneself. Reiki is now practiced by millions of people world wide and  is used  and/or recommended in as many as 800 hospitals in the US.

Traditional Reiki has been used  effectively to help in virtually every known illness and malady. To have and use Reiki a person needs to do nothing more than be attuned by a properly trained Master and have the intent for Reiki to flow whenever they put their hands on themselves, someone else, or their pets.  Sounds too simple, too easy? It is that simple and that easy—and everyone can do it with a weekend of training

Energy SynergyStoneWind’s Energy in Synergy  program brings together powerful  energy healing modalities and technologies from across the world into an integrated approach that greatly amplifies the effect of each one when combined with the others. Used together in an integrated approach designed to address specific needs, each modality becomes more effective  in synergy with the others than any one is alone.

Traditional Reiki
 First Degree
Second Degree  & Practicum**
Hospice Reiki**
Death Walking**

Healing Meditations

Energy in Synergy™ Retreats
(to be announced)

Energy Anatomy Series
(under development)
Energy Anatomy: The Tango of Life
 Connecting the Dots for Health**

Qigong: Three Hour Intro
Qigong: One Day Intro

** indicates prerequisite courses  are required.

Bio Con“BioConsciousness™”  (“BioCon™” for short) refers to  the moment to moment interaction between human biology (the body) and individual consciousness (the mind and emotions), the agents of action in Mind Body Medicine. With BioCon™ Studies you learn powerful techniques for understanding the hidden  “why” of illness so you can use the energy modalities we offer to address the “what” that is manifesting in your body.

Archetype Series
Archetypes 101:  Hidden Drivers of Choice
Archetypes 201: The Shadow Archetypes**

BioCon™ Retreats
(to be announced)

Cordology Series
Cord 101: Cords that Bind & Gag or
        Link & Nourish
Cord 201: Managing Harmful Cords**
Cords 210: Journey of the Empath**

Meditations for Life
Meditation: Three Hour Intro
Meditation:  One Day Intro

**indicates prerequisites courses are required

II. Earth Action

If   you feel the urge to  Take Action to help Earth in her time of need, StoneWind has opportunities in  two general formats with ever expanding applications:


“On the Ground” activities designed to make a difference using technological, social, and political methods.


The Way of the Modern Earth Keeper, StoneWind’s unique program for those ready to step into ancient and modern paradigms of Earth healing.

If you are among those who can read the handwriting on the wall of history, you know  our planet and all on it are at a critical decision point never seen before in the history of planet Earth. Many of our fellow humans cannot see–or choose not to see–the damage we are doing to Earth and the short-term and long term dangers we face. But all the evidence is telling us clearly that denial, avoidance, and delusion are not options if we are to survive as a species, if  Earth is to be a home on which we can live and flourish.

We at StoneWind get it. We are committed to holding the space for planetary healing, to helping those still in denial to learn and wake up, to helping anyone and everyone see the small but effective ways all can help with the huge problems. We have little power alone to meet these huge challenges, but acting together we are powerful; we can affect change. Synergy is our tool, our weapon, our hope, and ultimately will be the solution.

So we invite you to participate in the simple “on the ground” activities we have designed to help educate and motivate others to care for our planet. And we invite you to work with us creatively to design new approaches to identifying, naming, and solving the problems we face. We urge you to walk in synergy with us.

Everyone who can use the internet has skills that will be helpful. We invite you to inquire about our Earth in Need activities, what skills are needed to move them forward, and learn how you can use your skills immediately to start making a difference.

[email protected]
or fill in the “Interest” form on this page.

Logo“If all people would bend and touch the Earth with love, Mother would heal.”
~wisdom of a Hopi Elder

Throughout history, indigenous peoples in all cultures have thought of Earth as a feminine consciousness that gives life to all that lives then sustains that life through the balancing of all nature’s creatures and elements. The Native American term, “Mother Earth,” is one expression of this nurturing relationship, but all of the many tribes in their own ways and languages saw themselves as responsible to “Mother Earth” for the preservation and protection of the planet. They believed the care of Earth was entrusted to them as children of the Earth, but over the centuries they were powerless to protect Mother Earth from the ravages of the industrialized, greed-driven, overpopulated world. They grieve for what they see as their failure. But the problem–and the solutions–rest on all of us no matter our cultural heritage. Every one of us is suffering–right now–from the damage we have all done to the planet. The long-term survival of everyone is on the line–right now. We must all become Earth Keepers.

The Way of the Modern Earth Keeper crosses all cultures and uses the power of creative synergy to combine ancient knowledge, ancient and modern energetic skills, and new-old technologies to create new and effective answers for the existential crisis facing our planet and all her creatures. Walking as an Earth Keeper with us requires your willingness to open to new paradigms, to embrace ancient paradigms from other cultures you may not know of yet, and to combine all with new technologies and a determination to help the planet and its creatures confront our future.

Bottom Line:
This is the only planet we have. 

If we are to continue to live here, we must love and care for her.

If you are interested,

Contact us at
 [email protected]
or fill in the “Interest” form on this page.

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