BioConsciousness™ Studies

Who are you?
Why are you here?
Where are you going?
What do you want? 
Who do you trust? 
Who do you serve?
                                            …J. Michael Straczynski

Putting Your Mind into the Healing Process


From the Greek philosopher Plato (4thc BC) to Carl Jung (20th c) to  Caroline Myss (20th-21st c), the concept of the archetype as a pattern of  personality has continued to evolve into an effective body of knowledge concerning the nature and origin of human behavior and  human choice. In the paradigm of archetypes, the reasons we make our life choices for better or worse, and the reasons we act and react on a moment to moment basis, can be understood by studying the concepts of archetypes of personality then defining  our  personal archetypes and examining how those archetypes direct our daily lives. The Archetype courses at StoneWind allow you to understand and apply the central principles of archetypes to your own life so you can shine a light on the hidden drivers within that are controlling your choices, the quality of your life experiences, and hence the quality of your health.


Meditation in some form is found in all ancient cultures and has always been associated with the human drive to be “better.” The ancient methods emerged from a variety of spiritual traditions across the world and were part of the practitioner’s path to spiritual growth, physical health, emotional peace, and ultimately enlightenment.

In our Age of Information with its emphasis on scientific understanding, researchers have documented the effects of meditation on specific areas of the brain, the immune system, the heart, and overall health. Such research has opened meditative practice to everyone no matter their spiritual tradition—or lack of one. Now the “how” of meditation can be taught as “technique,” divorced from the root spiritual traditions from which the techniques arise, while those in search of a spiritual practice can still seek out the spiritual tradition that suits them and find within it a rich meditative tradition with all the attendant benefits.


Whether consciously aware of it or not, you are managing all the relationships in your life, even the casual ones, every second of every day with your vital life force. The energetic mechanisms–the cords–by which we form relationships, then manage them, is a little known, seldom discussed aspect of our energy anatomies. Energetic cords connect our chakras, our auras, our archetypal energies, and every aspect of our subtle energy bodies to everyone and everything in our environment, indeed in our world, including people, animals, places, even events, those in the present and the past. The Cordology Series of classes, each one building on information from the class before, leads you to understand step by step what aspects of your energy field open you up to positive and negative influences, how and why energetic cords are formed, accidentally and/or deliberately, and what you can do about them.

There are many forms of healing technologies  designed to help people manage the stress in their lives and to help release the underlying energetic origins of illness.

Some of the technologies we offer at StoneWind:
DreamWeaving Sessions
Hemi-Sync Human Plus Programs
Heart Math

Every person’s situation and needs are different. We at StoneWind work
to fit the appropriate technology to the need.

BioCon™ Retreats, held on StoneWind’s campus,  are usually four day retreats (Sunday evening to Friday afternoon).
Among the BioCon™ Retreat formats available are :

(1) The Archetype Intensive, which includes Archetypes 101 and 201;

(2) Introduction to BioConsciousness™ Studies which includes Archetypes 101,
Cordology 101, and the Three-Hour Introduction to Meditation.

(3) The Empath Workshop (a 7 day Retreat) which includes
Cordology 101,  201, 301, and  training in techniques
for dealing with the issues empaths face daily.

The Retreat format for  all subjects allows time to study, ask questions, and practice techniques.

.Attendees can stay on campus in one of StoneWind’s
luxurious yurt cabins or can commute.

Retreats are planned based on interest, so
if you are interested in a specific Retreat,
let us know on the “Interest Form” on the first page.