Take Control of Your Healing Future at StoneWind Institute for Mind Body Medicine

We invite you to learn
Reiki, Meditation, and Qigong.

Reiki, Meditation, and Qigong are important synergistic** skills
within Mind Body Medicine.  Reiki and the
 other skills taught
at StoneWind give you the tools to maintain or to restore your health
and to help others do the same.

Included in those other powerful skills are
Meditation, Qigong, and courses introducing you to your unique
Archetypes of Personality, to their Shadow aspects,
and to the role archetypes play in health and wellness.
Once you have acquired these powerful abilities,
self-healing becomes a reality not a dream,
and helping others on their healing journeys
becomes easier and more effective.

The knowledge and the powerful skills  you acquire
become yours forever.

As you learn and heal,  you will discover that
healing is not a destination.
You will learn that healing is an ongoing journey,
but it is a journey  only you can take for you,
and you must be willing to do it.

We are here to help you create your
Personal Map for your  Healing Journey.

(See our “Energy in Synergy*” and “BioConsciousness Studies.“)

Your role is to say, “I can, I will!”
And mean it!


*”synergistic,” “synergy” meaning two things together are more powerful than either one is alone.

Disclaimer: Everything we do at StoneWind Institute is compatible with western medical treatment, as a result, we encourage people to take advantage of as much western medical help as needed and available. The statements on this website have not been evaluated by The Food & Drug Administration; furthermore, any products or therapies on this website are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Everything presented here is intended to improve health.