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January 12, 2018
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January 12, 2018
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A New Take on Chronic Illnesses

The problem of “undiagnosable” illnesses plagues a surprisingly large number of people, many of them women. In my experiences over the last twenty years I have seen a range of energetic causes for these illnesses that will never be understood in western medicine because they fall outside of the scientific paradigm. I dealt with these using the energetic techniques I know. However, I have also seen  some illnesses that arose from some of the genetic issues only recently beginning to be understood  in the scientific community. Science is an ever expanding body of information, a never ending journey of discovery, and as western medicine has evolved in the area of genetic testing and diagnostics, many of the previously hidden sources of illness caused by the individual’s genetics are becoming better known, more easily diagnosed, and therefore more easily treated.  So if you or a family member have one of the “undiagnosable” issues referenced below, you (or your doctor) may find the article linked here to be of special interest, particularly if members of your family on one or more sides (paternal/maternal) have suffered from any of the chronic medical conditions highlighted below. It is the cluster effect here, i.e., the presence of these seeming unrelated issues in members of the same family, that is significant and may make the research being done now important to your future. The research involves what they are calling the RCCX Theory of chronic medical conditions.

So take a look at the article and web site linked below–and yes, the article is written in scientific jargon for other scientists and doctors– but don’t wig out over the scientific terminology. Read for the overview and check yourself to see how many of the associated medical issues are true for you or your loved ones. Ask if the “cluster effect” is present in your family. It may be the beginning of long sought answers.

As Dr. Sharon Meglathery, the originator of this research says, “I believe that the RCCX Theory solves some of medicine and psychiatry’s greatest mysteries.  The RCCX Theory explains the co-inheritance of a wide range of overlapping chronic medical conditions in individuals and families (EDS/hypermobility, autoimmune diseases, chronic fatiguing illness, psychiatric conditions, autism, etc.).  It explains the underlying pathophysiology of chronic fatiguing illnesses with so many overlapping features (EDS-HT, CFS, Chronic Lyme Disease, Fibromyalgia, toxic mold, Epstein Barr Infection, MCAS, POTS, etc.).   And finally, it reveals the gene which I believe confers a predisposition toward brilliance, gender fluidity, autistic features, and stress vulnerability, as well as the entire spectrum of psychiatric conditions (other than schizophrenia which can be co-inherited).   This website contains everything you need to understand the subtleties of this theory.  ​”


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