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July, 2017
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A new website is under construction that will present the many aspects of learning and healing available at StoneWind Institute in a more device friendly format than we presently have. In the meantime, the links below will allow you to peruse the new ways in which we at StoneWind Institute are working to fulfill our commitment to empower people to take control of their healing process. Everything we do at StoneWind is compatible with western medicine, but we work through teaching, mentoring, treatment, and support to expand each person's options for creating and maintaining the highest level of health possible. In addition to the links below, there is much more information available through the drop-down menus above, which will remain active and current until the new website is complete. If you are ill and looking for solutions, there is a lot to learn, a lot you can do. We are here to assist in the journey. If you would like to begin that journey with a class, check our Calendar for the current schedule which is expanded and updated with new offerings on a regular basis.

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A lot is happening at StoneWind in addition to our new website as you will see from the links below and the new drop-downs. As usual you can check our 2017 Calendar for upcoming classes and be sure to check back as we will be adding new class offerings as well as additions to the current Schedule.

What's New

Context Synergy Healing StoneWind Institute proudly introduces the Context Synergy Healing System, a new system of Mind Body Medicine designed to bring together multiple modalities and approaches that work in powerful synergy to help people confront their medical challenges more effectively. "Synergy," a term with meaning in multiple disciplines of science, means that two or more things acting together are more powerful (for good or ill) than any one is alone, or to say it another way, synergy is the creation of a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. Synergy is particularly powerful when applied to the self-healing process. We at StoneWind see illness as a result of the pre-existing synergy of events and choices in our lives. At each moment the health or illness of our bodies present to us the context in which to view the synergy of our lives. The ability to create (or restore), then maintain wellness is achieved by learning how to combine specific syngergistic modalities, lifestyle changes, and healing technologies into a personalized system that amplifies your efforts and ours to restore and maintain wellness.

An expanded system of BioConsciousness Studies will be offered beginning in the Fall of 2017. BioConsciousness is StoneWind's term for the ongoing synergistic interaction of the mind (thoughts and emotions) with the body (all its physical aspects) on a moment to moment basis, a powerful interaction that affects the health of both the mind and the body in hidden and not so hidden ways. This constant interaction is the underlying definition of mind body medicine, but too often the "mind" aspect is completely missing from the loosely assembled techniques labeled as "mind body medicine." At StoneWind we work to put the mind--your mind--back into the healing process by presenting approaches that help you move beyond a merely intellectual understanding of the mind body relationship into effective applications that improve and maintain overall health.

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