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Aug. 27-28, Sept. 24-25, Dec. 10-11
One Day Meditation
Oct. 1, Nov. 19
Intro to Qigong; Prep for Sifu Anthony's below
S. Parnell, Oct. 15
Advanced Qigong with Sifu Anthony
Nov. 5-6
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Putting the "Mind" in Mind Body Medicine
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Survival Archetypes
The Cordology Series Cords 101: Managing The Cords
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The heart yearns for Place, for somewhere safe and peaceful with space to dream dreams yet unformed, to remember those forgotten, to reclaim—perhaps to mourn—those let go along the way. The heart needs a Place to rest,  to mend, to grow. StoneWind is such a Place. StoneWind Retreat's 160 acre  campus on a mountain top in the beautiful Boston Mountains of Arkansas offers a sanctuary from which to confront the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual challenges of modern life.  If you are looking for a safe place to go inward, are interested in learning holistic healing skills from across the world for personal or professional use, are facing a medical challenge and are in need of new answers, or are simply ready for rest and fun, StoneWind is the optimum environment for learning, healing, and resting, for reconnecting with yourself and nature. From our mountain top you can see forever. You can see inward. You can summon home the fragments of your soul. . . .more

At StoneWind Institute for Mind Body Medicine ancient and modern concepts of health not part of traditional western thought converge in integrated programs, individual workshops, and new technologies designed for everyone with the willingness to learn and do. In mind body medicine the dramatic scientific discoveries in immunology, psychoneuroimmunology, bioconsciousness studies, energy medicine, and the ancient wisdom of Eastern and shamanic practices converge in a new and dynamic understanding of Mind and Body as inseparable entities that influence each other at every level of our existence. At StoneWind we believe in the synthesis and synergy possible within this broader spectrum of knowledge. We believe in the creative merging of old and new traditions from around the world and across time that act in "synergy," that is, to form a unique combination of skills for growth, change, and healing that are more effective together than any one method is alone. Our Context Synergy Healing System designed to foster self-empowerment and healing through synergy is usable by anyone with the willingness to learn and do. Our mission is to help people build bridges from theory to practice, to move information into application, obscure concepts into integrated understanding, into synthesis and synergy--into action and empowerment for the future. more...

The slow movements of qigong exerices circulate chi through the body and become a moving meditation for those who practice daily. StoneWind Institute, located on the Retreat campus, is a holistic teaching and treatment center specializing in ancient and modern techniques of Mind Body Medicine that place the power of the mind in the service of health. Those wanting to maintain health, those needing help with an illness or with quality of life after an injury or illness, those looking for inexpensive but effective ways to supplement health insurance, and those wishing to extend professional training in specific holistic modalities will find information at StoneWind on which modalities are best for what conditions and why, on how to use those methods to augment traditional medical treatment, and training in the hands-on healing skills that make up the synergistic approach to holistic healing at StoneWind Institute. Underlying everything we do at StoneWind is a deep belief in the right of each of us to empower ourselves to take charge of our own wellness, our own healing, our own futures rather than leaving ourselves overly dependent on others and on systems that can fail. . . .more

Among the modalities and technologies we make available:
Traditional Reiki, Meditation, BioConsciousness Studies, Qigong, Diet & Nutrition Training, DreamWeaver, Hemi-Sync, emWaver® ...and more

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