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CalligraphyMeditation in some form is found in all ancient cultures and has always been associated with the human drive to be “better.” The ancient methods emerged from a variety of spiritual traditions across the world and were part of the practitioner’s path to spiritual growth, physical health, emotional peace, and ultimately enlightenment.

In the present scientific age, researchers have documented the range of positive effects of meditation on specific areas of the brain, the immune system, the heart, and overall health. Such research has opened meditative practice to everyone no matter their spiritual tradition—or lack of one. Now the “how” of meditation can be taught as “technique,” divorced from the root spiritual traditions from which the techniques arise, while those in search of a spiritual practice can still seek out the spiritual tradition that suits them and find within it a rich meditative tradition with all the attendant benefits.

At StoneWind Institute our goal is to offer meditation training  in a  range of formats and traditions
that allow people to  learn and use meditation in whatever methods and traditions are individually appropriate.

“Meditation” is a general term for a wide range of techniques by which practitioners consciously control the chatter in their minds in order to enter a quiet, still mental state. Meditation is a special form of “me time” that reduces stress, fosters healing and health, and leads to personal evolution. In general, meditative techniques lead the practitioner to still the mind, emotions, and nervous system, thus relieving day to day stress and bringing the physical body to a deep state of relaxation and rejuvenation.

With consistent practice over time, meditators enjoy a range of  cumulative positive effects on their physical and mental health. Recent neuroscientific findings have shown that meditation, when practiced regularly, has the potential to literally rewire brain circuits that boost both mind and body health.[1] These and other benefits of meditation have surfaced alongside the revelation that the brain can be deeply transformed through experience – a quality known as “neuroplasticity.[1]   In today’s information based world, people from all traditions are able to meditate using a variety techniques in order to address a wide range of  needs and desires.

Major Reasons for Learning to Meditate

Stress Relief
Physical Healing
Emotional Healing
Releasing Damaging Traumas
Manifesting Change
Developing Intuition
Finding Inner Guidance
Emotional Cleansing and Balancing
Deepening Concentration & Insight
Enhancing Performance of any Skill
As Addition to Spiritual Practices

[1] “The Effects Of Meditation On The BrainForbes, July 15, 2017).

Types of meditation are classified according to the technique employed to take charge and direct the mind’s attention, whether through breathing, mantra repetition, movements, or visualizations, but in general Meditators can achieve a state of healing stasis using any of a number of different techniques, all of which have been proven, when used properly, to produce marked beneficial physical and psychological effects. Not all forms of meditation are appropriate or even beneficial for everyone, but everyone can find a meditative form that is healing, beneficial, and enjoyable if allowed to experience the different techniques. The goal at StoneWind Institute is to help practitioners find the meditative method most compatible with their individual needs and preferences.

Most people can begin their meditative practice after a short introductory class, even one as short as 3 hours.
But the key to becoming an accomplished meditator is  the student’s commitment to daily practice.

We teach the techniques that are most useful to the beginner.
Daily practice turns those techniques into a “meditative practice”
that produces the desired results.

Open to anyone interested in exploring meditation, this course is a one-day introduction.The course begins with a brief discussion of the art and science of meditation, the goals and techniques of meditation across different cultures, the physical and emotional effects to be derived from meditation, and the individual meditative goals of the students. Participants are then invited to experience meditation techniques designed to help them meet their personal goals and to find a compatible form of meditation for use in ongoing daily  practice. If there are those with medical or emotional needs, additional techniques will be introduced and practiced to open the potential for more direct mind-body healing. Students are given time during the day to practice privately both in a quiet indoor area and outside on StoneWind’s grounds, depending on weather.

Not all forms of meditation are appropriate for everyone, but everyone can find a meditative form that is healing, beneficial, and enjoyable if allowed to experience the different techniques. The goal at StoneWind is to find the meditative method most compatible with each individual’s needs and preferences.

with Suzanne E. Parnell, Ph.D., RM


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Must be pre-scheduled, minimum of 2 people

StoneWind’s Three Hour Introduction to Meditation is available on request from 2 or more particpants. The Three Hour Intro focuses on two major meditative techniques–breath control  and the use of mantras–with the goal of helping beginning meditators  experience the subtle changes that occur to the mind and nervous system that we call “meditation.” Students practice the techniques presented in class to begin to understand what meditation “feels” like so each will be able to continue their practice on their own.

 Suzanne Parnell, Ph.d.

(minimum of 2 people)

$150 for one person

Times must be pre-arranged.


Although “Meditation” is a general term for a wide range of techniques by which practitioners consciously control and direct their attention so as to alter their states of consciousness, the “Healing Meditations” offered under the Energy in Synergy program are a sub-category of Traditional Reiki and  Qigong practices. Healing Meditations are intended for those with minor to severe medical issues who can benefit if they learn to direct the power of their minds to their own healing in customized ways. To that end, the Healing Meditation format teaches them how to develop and direct specific mental content to the medical issues they are experiencing. The techniques can use visualizations combined with a Reiki and/or Qigong component,  custom designed visualizations, or technologies for directing the mind to heal.

One Day Training
9:00 –  5:00


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