Earth In Need

Earth In Need is a website under ongoing development that is dedicated to the gathering and spreading of accurate information on the effects of climate change and global warming in all  aspects. We are working hard to get as many resources together in one place as we possibly can.  Given the size of the problem and of the pool of information, it is a huge undertaking that  is done most effectively by having multiple people who see the benefit in making information easily available work  with us to contribute articles, websites, and informative videos, then help us vet the information so it can be posted on the web site. We have lovingly named these caring contributors “The Choir.”

The Earth In Need project began with our realization that finding information from reputable sources on the many aspects of the  environmental crisis facing our planet  is not an easy thing to do unless you–and the people who build environmental websites–are very aware of how search terms work to draw traffic to specific web sites. In fact, we found that on some subjects  we had to go to the third of fourth page of Google search results to find actual information! That’s when we decided that we needed to make it much easier  for anyone, no matter their level of  internet search experience, to find useful information on global warming and all the related ecological issues quickly.  And so we created the Earth in Need website as a resource platform with links to a wide range of information on many topics  with search capability within the website leading to relevant links.

Since Google “organic” rankings or SEO placement depends on how well a specific web site is constructed, how much traffic it gets, and how well the developers understood meta-data, and since most of the sites we researched were difficult to find because these complex factors were not being properly controlled, we decided it would be very useful to use Google “pay-per-click” advertising to help people find our Earth In Need site  no matter what search term they entered, thus assuring they could find what they are looking for quickly and easily–and in its most accurate format. We decided to take our deep commitment to planetary healing,  add our web site programming skills and our internet marketing skills to create a potentially powerful resource of information that will be easy to find and use.

The challenge: the project is huge and unending since crises and information are constantly expanding. We need help in finding and verifying information, and in paying  google for the pay-per-clicks. Yes, it is a big undertaking but we are committed to helping everyone learn what they need to know so they will not only be willing to create positive change for Earth, but see immediate options for doing so.

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If you want to Join the Choir but have no time to do research, then donate to our marketing fund to help us pay Google’s  pay-per-click fee so we can help people find the information they want–and need.

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