Calendar 2018

Unless otherwise stated, Class participants may choose to attend as commuters or as residents at StoneWind. Any pre-requisites that apply are listed in the descriptions of the classes. Participants may register online for First Degree Reiki and entry level classes under Energy in Synergy and BioCon Studies through PayPal  with your credit card or by calling 1-479-369-4959.  Advanced classes across all programs may be booked online through PayPal or your credit card with a password you can request by email or by phone.
StoneWind reserves the right to refuse admission to Advanced Classes on an individual basis.

There must be a minimum of six registered for a class to make, although exceptions are made for advanced classes and in special circumstances. To be sure the class you want to take “makes,”  confirm your interest by paying (through PayPal or by phone) either the full fee or 50% of the total as a deposit as soon as you know you will be taking the course,
but at least 8 days before the scheduled date.

If the class is canceled for under-enrollment, we will either refund your deposit if the class will not be rescheduled soon, or leave it on file for the rescheduled date. We do not refund fees or deposits if you cancel within eight days prior to the class date; however, the deposit/class fee will be put on file for a future class. Class fees are listed below and with the descriptions of the classes. If you know the class you wish to take and the date, you can make your deposit with secure payment option below or you can call us at


If a class is canceled for severe weather, a new date will be arranged quickly
and fees will be transferred to the new date. 

Introductory Classes

Class Events

2018 Dates


First Degree Reiki
Suzanne Parnell, RM

March 3 – 4
April 7 – 8
May 5 – 6

Archetypes 101: The Hidden Drivers Within
Suzanne Parnell, RM

March 24 – 25 


Advanced Classes

*Pre-Requisites Apply*

Class Events

2018 Dates


Second Degree Reiki & Practicum
Suzanne Parnell, RM

Second Degree Dates:
February 24 – 25 
Practicum Dates:
March 10 – 11
Call to arrange.

Pre-Requisites: First Degree Reiki

Hospice Reiki & Deathwalking
Suzanne Parnell, RM

Hospice Reiki Dates:
April 14 
Death Walking Dates:
April 15

Pre-Requisites: Second Degree Practicum,
Second Degree with teacher permission